Where Do We Go Now? 3 Days at Develop: Brighton

When applying, I was not confident about my chances of receiving a press pass in order to attend Develop:Brighton. The three-day conference is the primo event within the video game industry and sees many of the UK’s most talented developers, creators, and business moguls come together to network, share knowledge and, just generally, have a […]

Binary Domain Review – Seven Out of Ten

Developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, the team behind the Yakuza series, Binary Domain found itself in an odd kind of limbo upon release in 2012. A third-person cover shooter in the vein of Gears of War, the game arrived towards the end of the seventh generation of consoles, during a time period in which […]

Video Games as Art: Ico as Isolation

I like to think that we have moved beyond the question of whether video games are art. Critics and consumers are much more receptive to the idea that the medium has reached a level of creative, emotional power that it can be seen as a genuine form of artistic expression, to stand alongside literature, cinema, […]

In Search of Hate

As a rule of thumb, I tend not to write about games that I do not like. The idea that it’s easy to denigrate and much harder to praise is not a theory I subscribe to. Perhaps this mindset is something that came about with the inception of the YouTube internet critic, with figures like […]


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